Sale of sports recreation machines

At InterIbi we have a wide variety of sports arcade machines, all of them of excellent quality and with the confidence of a company of more than 50 years in the sector. In addition, as we are manufacturers of vending and vending machines, we ensure the best profitability in all our products. Visit our catalog and get to know our collections of Game Sports Recreational Machines and their version for the smallest Game Kids Sports Machines.

If you are a wholesaler of the recreational machine sector looking to buy a sports recreation machine for the little ones, you can find in InterIbi a great variety of excellent quality products to offer to your customers In our catalog you can find everything from sports recreational machines of Air Hockey, Basketball, racing simulators and many more perfect models for venues and recreation rooms.

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Between Jungle Bowling and Iceman

The nostalgia of Arcade video games is not forgotten. With them, young people develop their sports skills, in a fun and playful way, to the rhythm of the best chiptune music and with the most colorful lights. These attractions teach the kids to coordinate the movements, to be quick to render the chips or coins, to develop their aim, to play as a team, to shoot balls and to drive at full speed.

With Baby Basket, little basketball gamers play against the clock to score the most throws. As well as the attraction of Jungle Bowling, where they conduct their attempts with ability to tear down the pines. With Crazy Frog, children draw all their accumulated energy to hit the electric toads that go out and hide.

In Iceman, the kids will become ice superheroes, who need to join forces to fight the zombies. You can also enjoy the dangerous races of the Seduda Car Racing with driving seats, designed in phosphorescent colors to combine the game room.

These video games are programmed for all ages, to motivate the development of motor skills and mental abilities such as concentration, motivation to achieve, companionship and competitiveness.

Sports video games from Arcade arcade machines recreate the same modality and rules of football, boxing, basketball and football , with a maximum time limit 10 minutes or what the credit of the coins or the magnetic card lasts.