80-90 ball machines

Nostalgia always remains and never goes out of style. And if not they tell the retro ball machines of the past 80s and 90s. They are all the rage again among the little ones. InterIbi is aware of the need that your business has to recover the illusion that children feel for these recreational machines full of balls that contain small gifts inside that make them happy at times.

What do these types of vintage style machines type Crazy Balls consist of? These are vending of balls with gifts inside that are obtained after inserting a coin, usually one euro. They are usually standing and present original designs full of attractive colors, lights that attract attention and sounds that claim the child’s attention.

Easy installation

They are simple ball-mounted recreational machines, since they have wheels for easy transport and placement. These hulks have a large transparent deposit of great capacity, which stores a good assortment of balls with gifts of all kinds. They are made of high strength and durability materials. And they are ideal for both interior and exterior of the premises.

Apart from a foot with support, InterIbi also has 80-90 tubular ball machines; that is, with the foot and ballot box occupying the same width. With a more uniform design and that provides a youthful touch to the establishment where it is placed.

A spiral as a design

Also attractive is the design presented by the Spiral ball machine that, thanks precisely to this large spring in its interior circuit, children can appreciate when they receive the gift so appreciated. It barely weighs 30 kilograms and its yellow color encourages the child to insert a coin.

These ball machines set in the 80s and 90s represent a successful claim in an area or establishment where children’s leisure is the real protagonist: ideal for toy libraries, ball parks, lounges of recreational machines, shopping centers, bars, cafes … .

Make children happy

This type of ball machines are operated with a lever after inserting a coin of 1 or 2 euros. Parents cannot resist the claim and the face of happiness that their children put when they pass in front of any of these playful and truly original hulks.

The smallest are pirored by ball machines. Its power of attraction is irresistible. Whether it’s a toy or a bauble, always give a gift. Jumping balls, chewing gum, tattoos … These are just some of the funniest products that boys and girls can find in any of the children’s recreational machines that InterIbi sells.

Do you plan to give an attractive touch to your establishment? Do not hesitate and let yourself be advised by experts. InterIbi has the recreational machines that your business or local needs. We have a wide catalog of themed ball machines. Experience supports us.