Children’s sports machines

Play develops the child’s creativity. Reduce your stress, conflict states. It has fun, it gives it life. What better activity exists to occupy your leisure time? The little ones can also promote their skills through children’s sports machines.

Sport favors the good physical and mental development of children. There’s no doubt. So through these attractions of InterIbi young people learn to concentrate, coordinate their movements, play as a team, calm their temper or develop their aim.

Let’s give some examples. InterIbi offers a wide and varied catalog of children’s sports machines for all ages. From throwing to a basketball basket, driving a pinball, playing air hockey, driving a car on screen or shooting a dinosaur. All fun has a place in this little virtual universe of recreational machines.

More than 50 years of experience

InterIbi is a company with more than 50 years in the sector of children’s sports machines, so it offers guarantee, quality in its products and know how to do things well. There are many generations of children who learn to enter the world of video games with arcade-type arcade machines. Like the ones we have at InterIbi.

In a fun and playful way, the little ones blend in with the characters they lead when they stand in front of children’s sports machines, since they faithfully recreate the rules of activities such as football, basketball, boxing or vehicle racing.

Without going any further, the classic football takes an attractive form and designed especially for children with Crazy Football. In many shopping centers and recreational areas you can see children’s sports machines of this type. Like other attractions such as Pinball Super Skate, Pinball Super Flip or Pinball Minigoal.

Basketball simulator

One of the machines that arouses most interest is the basketball simulator. The boy has in front of a basket to which he must throw a ball in order to score. At the same time that he throws, the machine, which is shaped like a slope, allows the young man to recover the ball so that he continues throwing during the game, against the clock. It is a really addictive game.

If he chooses the Crazy Cocrodile, on the other hand, the child can develop his skill and see how he walks with reflexes. It is a recreational machine in which while the heads of these animals appear, alternately and randomly, the little one, provided with a mallet, must hit them before they disappear. The more you hit, the more points you will add in the game.

Fight against the zombies

The fun doesn’t end there. InterIbi makes other recreational and entertainment machines available to children. In Iceman, the protagonists of the game become, for a few moments, some ice superheroes, who need to join forces to fight the fearsome zombies.

If we talk about car racing, nothing better than enjoying the adrenaline that the dangerous races of the Seduda Car Racing allow. Machines that are equipped with driving seats, authentic simulators very true to reality that are designed in phosphorescent colors to combine in the game zone.

At InterIbi we are manufacturers of vending and vending machines. We fill colorful businesses, magical moments and smiles for the youngest. We love to make toys joy.