Kiddie Rides Machines

Sale of children’s recreational machines

You still don’t know our children’s arcade machines ? In Interibi we have a large assortment of children’s recreational brands such as Disney or Famai.

Disney recreational machines for children.

Give the little ones the best entertainment with their favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Lightning McQueen, Donald … With our Disney arcade machines you can give your business a more fun touch while you maximize your investment.

Famai arcade machines.

Another renowned brand in the recreational world is Famai, which is why Interibi also offers a wide variety of products such as motorcycles and mechanical bulls for the little ones.

Disney ball vending machines

A Disney vending machine , is surely that factor that will capture everyone’s attention and that will bring a great return on your business.

With our Disney vending machines you can offer a wide variety of products to the little ones by the hand of their favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel or the Sebastian crab.

Here are three great options for your business. You can choose between the original, tubular or spiral vending machines. All with signs and designs from the fantastic Disney world.

One of the most attractive options for children is the spiral vending machine, in which the child can see the toy that the machine will throw, while going down the spiral path.

Take the opportunity and join the hundreds of customers throughout Spain who have already opted for the quality of Interibi products.