Tattoo machines

It is rare to find a boy or girl who does not like to paint his face on birthdays with friends. Or something similar, like sticking to the skin a sticker with a cool drawing. As well. With the tatoo vending machines that InterIbi sells for your business, the little one can get a gift ball that includes a tattoo that is placed with water.

InterIbi tattoo machines are offered in two models: one with two channels for dispensing stickers and another with four channels for dispensing. Both models of vending machines can be combined simply by changing the internal rolls. So they are affordable even out of season. In this way they become the ideal machines for limited spaces and give an attractive touch to your establishment.

They like all the children

These tattoo machines are a great option to take into account to claim the attention of children and parents in recreational places, toy stores or commercial areas. With striking colors and lights that turn on and off, the possibility of having one of these vending machines is a sure success. Animals, superheroes, dinosaurs, emoticons, fantasy beings … any drawing is part of the imaginary of the tatoos that are obtained from the InterIbi machines.

The stickers dispensed by these vending machines are water resistant, so that the child can bathe on the beach or the pool without fear of being erased. They last printed on the skin for about seven days, depending on the place of the body where they are applied and the rubbing. One tip: for them to last longer, it is better to adhere them to already dry and clean skin.

There is no need to fear if these tatoos are harmful to health. Not much less. The stickers obtained from InterIbi vending machines are formed without nanoparticles, components of animal origin or perfuming agents. They are tattoos dermatologically tested and manufactured following the European cosmetic standard. They are not toxic. Absolutely.

How do you put on a sticker?

With the idea of applying the tatoo, you have to remove the protector that protects the drawing and place it on a dry and clean area of the skin. To achieve optimum adhesion, the back must be moistened. It is best to do so by wetting it lightly with a damp cloth, sponge or similar. The last step is to press the area with the design for about 20 seconds and then remove the paper. Slowly the envelope slides and you will see how the decal appears impregnated in the skin with all its splendor.

How do you remove a tattoo?

As a general rule, decals lose texture after a few days until they are completely erased from the skin. If after 6-8 days they have not disappeared completely, an ideal option to achieve this is by applying hot water with vinegar in the tattooed area. It is difficult to reach this situation, but the case can be reached.