Did you know that the consumption of popcorn is beneficial for human health? Its high antioxidant content helps the body to function properly. It is time to eat this snack from time to time and in moderation beyond the cinemas. If you don’t want to wait for that moment, you can get one of the popcorn machines that InterIbi sells.

There are two models of popcorn vending machines that InterIbi makes available to the customer for your local or business. On the one hand there is the Compact 4, which weighs 60 kilogram and has measures of 41 x 47 x 154. On the other hand we have the Air pop go, lighter (45 kilogram) and dimensions of 46 x 43 x 153.

Ideal for your business

Both machines are an ideal option to provide consumables in a leisure establishment for children and adults with limited space. Ideal for indoors because they must be kept in a cool and dry place. The dimensions of the two vending machines are optimal for placing them in fixed places.

They are easy to install and transport due to their small size and light weight. They have a grip and wheels for comfort placement and mobility. The attractive design of both popcorn machines gives a very attractive touch to any entertainment venue. There are many possibilities, as they can also be used in children’s parties, thematic events or film sessions.

They use hot air for cooking

The popcorn machines that InterIbi has in its online store are able to prepare in the simplest way a portion of snacks with little fat thanks to its hot air cooking system. All popcorn is molded almost instantly, and prevents bouncing and scattering throughout the kitchen.

These ideal artifacts for your establishment avoid the use of oil, and prefer to use high-temperature air to cook popcorn. Without a doubt, it is a healthier option. Tasty and light snacks are achieved to enjoy with friends or family.

Beneficial for your health

Apart from its high antioxidant content, popcorn has other functional benefits for our body, since they are full of fiber, phenolic compounds, vitamin B, potassium, manganese and magnesium.

There are studies that support its consumption (we reiterate that moderate and without adding salt, butter or other aromas), ensuring that eating popcorn reduces inflammation and the risk of heart disease. They also facilitate digestion and intestinal transit, and help prevent constipation by keeping the digestive system healthy and strong.

In addition to helping prevent cancer because of its antioxidant potential, you no longer have an excuse to eat this snack from time to time. You know in good ink that InterIbi has for you and your business two types of machines that adapt to any type of environment or local.