Gacha machines

With just one euro you can make a child happy. You will wonder how. Well, through a Gacha machine, which is neither more nor less than a ball dispenser that carries inside a small gift in the form of a toy that arouses curiosity and fun.

The Gacha model vending machine delivers a small rubber ball or a capsule gift for boys and girls over 3 years old. It is a leisure device designed in modules of one or several deposits each and that offers the possibility of joining several modules depending on the location and demand.

Easy placement and transport

If we talk about Gacha machines, InterIbi has something to say. Its vending machines have wheels for easy placement and transport, so they can be easily installed in any corner. InterIbi’s are presented as perfect ball machines for hospitality, coffee shops and bars with limited space. Also suitable for fairs, recreational areas or shopping centers.

The collection of Gacha machines that InterIbi sells stands out, in addition to its simple installation, its attractive and striking colors, as well as its flashing lights and sounds that demand the attention of children and adults. They do not go unnoticed.

Large deposits for many balls

In addition to its manageability, the collection of Interchabi Gacha ball machines is very practical: the vending machines have two large deposits with a large capacity to store a good number of gifts and are made of lightweight and highly resistant materials. Very durable.

Few attractions arouse for children as much interest in fairs as gift vending machines. For just one coin, the little one has the opportunity to take home a gift that will make them very excited.

Funny balls for kids

The assortment of Gacha machines that InterIbi offers for your business is wide and varied. You have where to choose the one you need most for your business if you look well in their online store. As a summary, some vending machines of small gifts like the Zum Zum stand out, which dispenses balls of great elasticity that can be squeezed.

The InterIbi Gacha machine collections offer you more possibilities, such as the Splat Dog, which gives you a small soft toy pet if you insert a coin through the slot. There are some that offer you jumping balls that mimic the planets of the Solar System, or small viscous tomatoes that crush if you throw them against a glass.

A Gacha InterIbi vending machine that arouses fascination to children is the so-called Beasty Fingers, which dispenses small, flexible 3D mittens that adapt to the fingers of the hand in the form of heads of large predators such as dinosaurs, crocodiles or sharks.