Vending machines: dark tattoos and head tattoos

Children love to wear temporary tattoos. That is, those stickers with pictures of their favorite characters that stick to the skin with a little water and disappear after a few days. For the little ones, tattoos allow them to explore their own identity and express their personality through their image.

A sticker that is erased with soap and water on the arm does not pose any danger to the child.

In fact, they use non-toxic, non-permanent dyes that help them have fun and be happy while regretting it (if they don’t like it) without major consequences.

Tattoos that are easily erased

If children and their parents are looking for temporary tattoos with cool and varied designs, they have some of the gifts in the form of stickers (inside a surprise ball) dispensed by the InterIbi vending machines.

Within its wide range of children’s machines, the tattoo and decal machines guarantee the success of your business.

InterIbi tattoo machines are offered in two models: one with two channels for dispensing decals and another with four channels for dispensing. Both dispenser models can be combined by simply changing the internal rolls.

So they are affordable even out of season.

Vending machines for balls and vending products

With some of these tattoo vending machines, your establishment will be able to boast an attractive and interesting attraction for young and old alike. Due to their colorful and adequate size they are ideal for any fair, recreational area, bar, shopping center or children’s entertainment area.

A single coin can make a child happier who wears a tattoo from one of these machines that we at InterIbi put at your disposal.

The little ones have a great time putting on stickers, the more the merrier, or simply taking a pen and painting their arms and legs with their more or less abstract skills.

Once the cold weather is over and the good temperatures are approaching, it will be the ideal time for children to play with their own image. They will be on holiday and will have more freedom.

Moreover, when summer arrives, with the sea water and the chlorine of the swimming pools the tattoos for children will not last long.

They are not the only children’s machines we sell at InterIbi. In our catalogue we also have other attractive devices that guarantee the fun of the little ones.

For example, the hook machines attract children’s attention, because if they are clever and skilled with the control, they can get a gift in the form of a cuddly toy or other present.

What are vending products?

Tattoos and stickers are just some of the vending products that are distributed through InterIbi vending machines.

Born as a result of the Industrial Revolution, the development of technology and the lowering of costs allowed the popularization and maturity of this type of industry.