Surely you remember your childhood when you went to the fair. A space full of fun where boredom was impossible. One of the main attractions was undoubtedly the hook, crane or claw machines, by which and after putting a coin, you had one or several attempts to catch a small toy or surprise. Although it was difficult to get the reward, you tried until you got the gift.

As well. Years later, hook and crane recreational machines continue to delight the little ones in fairs, bowling alleys, lounges and recreational areas. It is a game that has not gone out of style. Absolutely. Therefore, InterIbi is aware of the need for your business to have one of these machines.

Different versions of claws

InterIbi has several models of claws or crane recreational machines: Mix, stuffed animals or Special Blister. The first version offers you a crane mix machine with two hundred small toys of the most diverse and that boys and girls love equally. Touch safe gift. Another model, in addition to having a wide range of small surprises, stores candy and sweets inside.

The plush version, as its name suggests, allows the user of these machines the possibility of obtaining a soft stuffed toy that will be fun. There are very funny with different countenance like e-mojis. To which more occurrence.

Precise movements

These claw machines have three ways to move the crane: forward and backward, up and down, left and right. The boy or girl can play exactly like the games in the game room. Of course: you have to have dexterity and tempering of steel to find the objective, choose the right time and use the clamp to catch the toy well.

Time runs against. Don’t get nervous because the moment of truth only lasts for a moment. In just 20 seconds you have the opportunity to win a prize or try again.

InterIbi hook and crane vending machines do not go unnoticed. Quite the opposite. Its striking colors, lights that turn on and off as a claim and the ambient music that accompanies them arouses the interest of those who approach them. Then they see the world of gifts that amalgamate behind the showcase and do not hesitate to tempt fate.

Training is needed to get a prize

For the presentation of one or more products, or to carry out brand promotions, having one of these InterIbi hook or crane recreational machines is a good opportunity for your business, especially if it has an old public potential childish.

The InterIbi plush and toy vending machine is a skill game. Its purpose is to catch small gifts by means of a crane hook that is handled by a jostick. These machines are adapted for the little ones, although the older ones can also play. The difficulty level is low, although it is not always safe to win the prize.