Bars Sports machines

Who would not like to emulate Marc Márquez at the controls of a motorcycle, drive a race car like Fernando Alonso or hit a puchingball like Mike Tyson? Now you can put yourself in the shoes of your sports heroes with the best sports simulators and machines on the market. Thanks to InterIbi, which offers you a wide range of recreational machines that guarantee fun. Now you have the opportunity to go back to the past and get the child inside you. You are already taking.

With more than 25 years of history, at InterIbi we are manufacturers of recreational sports machines suitable for all types of audiences, both children and adults. We are nostalgic when we see an arcade of this type in any game room. We do not doubt it and throw some coins to sit in the armchair of the car or motorcycle simulator and start the game. Guaranteed laughter

Emulate Marc Márquez

Examples of sports machines that you have at your disposal are a few. Highlights simulators very successful as Carbon or Superbike, in which the user can adopt the role of pilot and ride the back of a large displacement motorcycle with its handlebars and endowed with a great range of movements. Before it has a graphic screen that projects images as if it were a race in real time.

Something similar happens with another simulator: Out Run. It is a classic car racing game. The user attaches to the armchair of the recreational machine and just has to hit the accelerator pedal to get going and enjoy the ride.

Sports Machines For adults and children

InterIbi sports machines are also recommended for children. They are smaller in size, appropriate to their height and complexion, but guarantee the same or more fun, to the rhythm of a catchy music and more colorful lights. It’s more. Children, thanks to this type of recreational machines, can train their skills, such as temperance or aim.

We do not abandon the sport, because now one of the star sports machines in the collection arrives: Boxer Champion or Boxer RGB are two puchingball simulators; that is, the lifelong punch machines you can see at the fairs. They are resistant and very durable, since they are accustomed to endure one onslaught after another.

More classic, but no less fun are the machines dedicated to two sports such as basketball or hockey. The latter requires the participation of two opponents who try to score with a pill that moves with gusts of air, as if we were playing professional ice hockey.

Refine the aim

Together with the wide range of sports machines, the catalog of recreational simulators that InterIbi offers to the client includes more leisure opportunities. The user can develop his firing skill with highly achieved weapons on machines such as Rambo or Monitor Alliens. The objective: to kill as many enemies as possible. Or also travel back in time to catch some of the great reptiles of the past in Age of Dinosaur.

Patience and nerves of steel are needed to play Golden Key Gde, the classic fair machine equipped with hook or similar to catch some of the gifts that are stored in the background. With the controllers the user can move from left to right and from top to bottom, front and back. With skill you can capture the prize before the music ends.