Special sales

Would you like to have a recreational ball machine in your business at more than interesting prices?

Do not hesitate, because InterIbi puts at your disposal the most attractive vending machines and irresistible that exist in the market, with offers that you can not miss.

For example: Gacha offer allows you to purchase a vertical type ball vending machine for only 250 euros. It includes two modules with two containers of small gifts.

And in each of them the offer incorporates 100 free balls with all kinds of gifts and small toys that will delight children.

Original and Spiral

Two other ball machines that include an interesting offer from InterIbi are the Original and the Spiral a 1 euro

That is, for just one coin the child activates the lever and the InterIbi recreational machine gives him a sphere-shaped surprise with a prize inside.

Although his face of happiness is priceless. The latter presents an attractive design.

Thanks to a large spring that has in its inner circuit,
The little ones can appreciate when they receive the gift so appreciated.

It barely weighs 30 kilos and its yellow color demands the attention of the visitor that passes by its side.

A very interesting offer

Perhaps the most attractive offer that InterIbi offers for your business is the Tubular </ strong> . That is: you can do with a vertical vending machine at a very competitive price.

For this you must consult us and we will explain in detail the advantages that it brings.

Do you plan to give an attractive and youthful touch to your establishment?

Ball machines

InterIbi Crazy Balls are a perfect choice due to their original design and easy installation, as they have wheels for easy placement and transport.

This type of machines usually have a single large capacity tank, also offering a large assortment of gifts to all children who come to it.

It is made of materials with high resistance to the elements and offers durability over time. In this way, it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor installation.

Wide assortment of gifts

Jumping balls, chewing gum, tattoos … These are just some of the funniest products that boys and girls can find in any of the children’s recreational machines that InterIbi sells.

Any little kid is crazy to get a small gift from some of the vending machines you can find in a recreational area or commercial establishment.

That is why he does not hesitate to fulfill his wish by asking a coin from dad or mom.

If after reading these lines you have a little clearer, open your ears well: let yourself be advised by experts. InterIbi has a wide range of thematic and non-thematic ball machines.

Experience supports its mission. They are more than 25 years old working daily in the sector in order to start the smile of the little ones.