Collectible vending machines 2019

Recover the arcade genre and revive the spirit of the arcades of the 80s and 90s. With this idea and philosophy, InterIbi launches a new collection of arcade machines and other types (vending machines, children’s machines, hook machines…) that delight children and not-so-small people.

There are many young people from past generations who have grown up spending hours and hours playing with the arcade machines by waving a jostick uncontrollably and pressing a couple of buttons of different colours.

Who doesn’t remember arcade games like PacMan, Pang, Space Invaders, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat Tetris or Shinobi?

The arcades used to fill up on weekend afternoons with kids and teenagers enjoying arcade machines and foosball tables.

From time to time, a couple of crouching machines would sneak into these youth entertainment venues and give out balls with a small gift inside in exchange for inserting a coin through the slot.

Vintage objects that never go out of style

Axe machines, such as those sold by InterIbi in its online store, are also period objects that never go out of fashion. They make children happy because with just one coin they get a small gift in return that can take on multiple forms (key ring, sticker, rubber ball, bracelet, doll, cuddly toy…)

The ideal grind machine for your business is nothing more than a leisure device designed in modules of one or several tanks each and that offers the possibility of joining several of them depending on the premises and the demand. InterIbi’s vending machines have wheels for easy access to the vending machines.
placement and transport, so they can be easily installed in any corner.

Machines for crouching at trade fairs

At the Christmas or summer fairs they always appear in every corner. Their presence is synonymous with success for your business. The children will go away because they want to get a surprise gift from the ball machines, as they do not know what present they will get. The parents’ illusion to see
their happy children is rewarded with just one or several one- or two-euro coins.

Before the advent of game consoles, the video game industry developed through the endearing arcade machines that populated arcades around the world.

These establishments, now almost extinct, became in their time meeting centers where teenagers from generations ago spent their leisure time trying to pass screens and put their initials at the top of the ranking.

The weekly pay used to melt away on those unforgettable evenings. Young people and teenagers would ‘go broke’ (in the good sense of the word) and have fun emulating superheroes, sportsmen and other characters with superhuman powers and skills.

Today, one way to control parent-child spending is by satisfying their little desire for a reward to play on some of the gaggle machines that give gifts with balls.

Just one or two euros. InterIbi has the porridge machine that you need most or that adapts to your needs in its wide virtual catalogue.

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