Sports gaming machines

Speed has always been one of the desires of human beings. Since he has become aware of space and time, going faster and faster on land, sea and air has become a constant goal of improvement.

Therefore, it is not surprising that young and not so young people (who have also gone through this stage of life) are attracted to speed machines.

Wherever they are, car simulators always attract the attention of visitors.

No child or adult sits in the car or motorcycle seat, grabs the steering wheel or handlebars, hits the gas and starts a race against the clock or in competition with others

Emulating Fernando Alonso himself or any other driver in the world of stardom.

A classic like the Out Run

If you’ve come this far, you’ll be interested to know that InterIbi has an extensive catalogue of arcade machines that simulate the cabin of a car or motorbike.

For example, the Out Run, a classic arcade machine that has been very common in arcades for many years. It has marked an era and is still present today. It never goes out of fashion.

InterIbi markets both the classic version of the Out Run and the double simulator. If you are looking for an arcade racing machine, this simulator becomes a great option to take into account.

Designed with high quality materials and highly reliable electronic systems, it is created so that you can get a return on your investment with minimum maintenance.

It gives the user who rides under its controls a competitive experience in a world of car racing, always

Superbike Championship

If you’re more into the two-wheeled world, you have other options. Like the Superbike simulator at the InterIbi. This recreational machine allows you to be for a few minutes like Marc Marquez himself.

It gives you the ability to compete in a one to two player motorcycle racing game. At a very competitive price for your business, you will be able to get a return on your investment easily.

On the other hand, Carbon is a simulator that recreates the game of the mythical Need for Speed saga.

It introduces the user to pure racing cars, which do not leave anyone indifferent. Created with a reliable telemetry and safe and quality components, its verisimilitude is such that it seems that you will be competing in a real race of speed and survival.

Shooting baskets, playing pinball…

Speed machines aren’t the only gaming machines you can find at InterIbi. Our company offers a range of children’s simulators suitable for all ages.

From shooting a basketball hoop, driving a pinball machine, playing air hockey, or shooting a dinosaur.

All fun has a place in this small virtual universe of arcade machines. InterIbi is a company with more than 50 years in the sector of children’s sports machines, so it offers guarantee, quality in its products and know-how.

There are already many generations of children who learn to enter the world of video games with arcade machines like InterIbi’s.

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