Imported Kiddie Rides

Import kiddie rides

What child does not like to ride one of those machines that pretend to be a car, motorcycle, plane, horse or spaceship? To the rhythm of a melody that lasts while the attraction lasts, colored lights and sound effects, the simulator slowly contorts itself amusing the little one. It is normal to see these types of attractions in fairs, recreational areas or entertainment venues. They are operated with coins.

InterIbi thinks about your business and offers you the possibility of getting one of these electromechanical machines. What do these imported children’s attractions offer? First of all, guaranteed fun for children. Equipped with a musical timer, they are usually made of fiberglass and bathed with polyurethane paint.

Simulators and wheelies to ride on them

For children’s events or lounges that are frequented by the little ones, Interibi has a wide selection of horse and simulator machines that delight children. The catalog offered is wide and varied, with machines available in different models.

For those who are still babies, the most recommended children’s machines are several: the Infant Monitor Car, the Pipi Dog, the Happy Star, the Dream Ship, the Love Ship, the Super Fly, the Penguin or the Spaceship. Due to their structure they adapt to the physiognomy of the child and move along with the music.

The kids have a great time

For smaller children, InterIbi has another selection that it offers so that your business has color: the Infant Dog, Space, Whale, Train, Jeep or Dudu Car. Its power of attraction is irresistible, and there are few parents who do not succumb to The temptation to give your children a joy by riding them in one of these attractions.

With more than 25 years of history, at InterIbi we are manufacturers of recreational sports machines suitable for all types of children. Do you have a children’s entertainment place and need tools to have fun in a big way? Do not hesitate and go to InterIbi. Surely we have what you are looking for. And at very interesting prices.

Parents love it

These import kiddie rides like all children, but not only the little ones. The elders also have a great time. Not because they ride, because of size they cannot, but because they see their children smile and there is no better reward for parents.

InterIbi simulators that are powered by coins simulate race cars, high competition or protagonists of films like Lightning McQueen of Cars. Also other means of locomotion. Apart from a racing driver, what kid doesn’t like to drive a train, fly a plane or keep his balance on a horse or motorcycle?