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Children’s Recreational Machines FAMAI

The universe of fun never ends with the children’s recreational machines that children use to spend unforgettable moments, while growing up playing. Whether a roundabout, a car, motorcycle or spaceship simulator, there is no small one who is not attracted to any of these devices that move to the rhythm of a recognizable melody and emit flashes of light.

To cover this need for children’s leisure, InterIbi arises, which has a wide range of recreational machines for brands such as Disney or Famai for your business. Who does not know the first franchise? Children love Disney characters like Micky Mouse or Donald Duck. Also others that over time have conquered the heart of generations and generations of children, such as Lightning McQueen.

As well. InterIbi has a large and varied catalog of children’s recreational machines, especially the Disney brand, with which you can give a more fun touch to your business while maximizing your investment. Famai machines also arouse the attraction of kids, especially in regards to their motorcycles and mechanical bulls.

Outlet Children’s recreational machines

At more than competitive prices, InterIbi sells used children’s recreational machines that can be installed easily in any place or establishment. They are easy to grip and transfer devices, and barely take up space.

InterIbi has imported children’s recreational machines that are a classic: the jeep, the Dudu Car, the train, the dog-shaped car, the spaceship, the racing motorcycle, the love or dream ship, the Pipi dog. .. there is much to choose from. The little ones in the house feel a predilection for this type of attraction when their magical innocence leads their parents to throw coins through the slot so they can have fun with no time limit.

Manufacturer of children’s recreational machines

If you can trust a manufacturer of children’s recreational machines that is InterIbi. We are a company that thinks about your business and we offer you the possibility of getting one of these electromechanical machines of all types and conditions. Equipped with a musical timer, they are usually made of fiberglass and bathed with polyurethane paint. So they are resistant and durable over time.

The Special Games also occupy a prominent place in the InterIbi catalog. These recreational machines for children are a waste of originality and fantasy. These include simulators such as the Helicopter fantasy, the Africa adventure, the Flying camel, the Smart train, the police car, the school bus, the Fly school, the Dino rescue, the Speed dragon or the Indian cowboy.
With more than 25 years of history, at InterIbi we are characterized by the passion we put into our work. We manufacture recreational machines suitable, safe and very fun for all types of children.